Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas -

Do you love cooking your own crops? Make a kitchen herb garden on your own. Many people have moved their cooking habit into cook fresh-crops only, because the produce department of the local grocer cannot do. By having your own kitchen herb garden, you can definitely take some herbs that are placed in your kitchen anytime you want. And you can simply make your kitchen herb garden in a plot of ground at the backdoor, or it can be a line of pots on your windowsill.

Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

You have to find a patch of land that gets at least five hours of sun each day if you decide to have a kitchen herb garden outdoors. It is because most herb plants love much sunlight. It is also important to put your plants in good soil that has much drainage and slightly alkaline. If you think that you need more drainage, mound your crops up a bit to allow water to run off easier. And if your soil is too acidic, add lime to balance the pH for your plants. It is also a good idea to place an outdoor garden in convenient access of the kitchen. Hence, you can easily run outdoors and take some leaves to put in your cooking.
Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

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Kitchen herb garden is usually consisting of many culinary herbs, such as oregano, basil, lemon balm, parsley and dill. Some of them are perennials where you are able to plant them once, and enjoy them all year long. But some of them grow annually in colder where you can put them indoors in the winter, or replant them every spring comes. Don’t forget to research how best to treat each herb plant, so that you can provide them the best environment and how to handle it well.

Some herbs can grow well from seed, while others will be much more complicated to start this way. For example, rosemary is a difficult to cultivate to begin from its seed, but you can win out when start it from cutting. You can also buy rosemary plants from the local nursery and plant them immediately into your kitchen herb garden. Generally, you will start from seed and require you to give much water and light if you want to start your kitchen herb garden indoors.

It is a good idea to have kitchen herb garden that you make it on your own, as it has become a popular hobby that you can enjoy all year long to cook the crops. Many people have addicted to this hobby, and this is the reason why you can enjoy this hobby continually. So, just call herb ‘easy to grow, fun to harvest, and delicious to eat. For more information, please check out links on this Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas site.

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