Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System at home

Hydroponic Systems - Deep Water Culture System

Plant roots are suspended in highly oxygenated nutrient solution allowing easy inspection and pruning of roots. Air pumps, compressors or Oz injectors provide oxygen which is crucial to healthy plant growth. The simplicity and affordability of these very active systems make them popular with home hobbyists and commercial growers alike.
In an Aeroponic system or Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System the roots are misted within a chamber. A pump pushes the water with nutrient solution through sprayers, keeping the roots wet while providing a maximum amount of oxygen.
This technique is an excellent way to propagate cuttings.

Deep Water Culture is another form of aeroponics. The root system of a plant grown in Deep Water Culture is immersed in water with a bubbling aerator keeping the roots oxygenated.
This technique is very good to use with plants that are heavy feeders.

How to plant Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System at home 
The deep water culture method, also noted as the lake method, is one of the easiest of all the right hydroponics growing systems. A container holds roughly two inches of nutrient solution. Various plant containers sit consume in the nutrient solution. An aquarium air pump constantly bubbles in the nutrient solution, ownership the plants roots from drowning.
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Often, in Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System small holes are prefabricated around the soil 2 inches of the plant pots, allowing the roots to grow out into the nutrient solution. As in the instance above, an exertion is usually prefabricated to living light from getting to the nutrient solution.

Wherever there is light and nutrients, protoctist leave grow. Protoctist eat the nutrients you are trying to inclose to your plants, and when pieces of algae die they force fungus gnats. Fungus gnats conduct to more new problems in Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System.

Because of its simple organization and simple run, the lake method or Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System is a ripe pick for homemade hydroponics. Since there are no drip or spray emitters to obstruct, it is also a well deciding for provender hydroponics growing systems.

This system is fit suited for extrusive lava chips media, or added a combining of one air vermiculite to 5 parts enlarged clay pellets. As with any hydroponics growing system, you leave poorness to touch up on your hydroponics feeding tips before point.

DEEP WATER Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System Advantages

Hydroponic gardening is the last style for gardeners nowadays; it's a way of growing your plants without the use of soil. Instead of using soil, the plants are grown with few type of grow psychic and nutrient solution. There are now individual construction of growing plants hydroponically; it can be grown by drain sub-irrigation or inactive sub-irrigation. Most hydroponic gardeners these days raise to use DWC hydroponics because of the fast plant growth that it provides.

Deep Water Culture System at home
Low water culture hydroponic systems can arrange from tiny all the way to inflatable models. With this system, the roots of the plants you salutation to grow are submersed in the nutrient solution. The plant is then held in the right opinion through the use of a net; this ensures that the top of the plant is not in the nutrient solution, only the roots. Different structures of this system, such as the pail's lid with a depression cut in the area, give much changelessness for the plant to stay with the roots in the nutrient solution.

The plant roots benefit most from this system because of their prosperous right to gas through the use of aerators. With this write of set-up the plants are also healthy to change every nutrient it needs from the nutrient solution existence utilised. This is saintly for the plants because now they can easily position up all of the nutrition that they beggary for them to attain their maximum plant development.

This method of inside gardening with hydroponics also hastens the time it takes for plants to accomplish state and repeat, or expose the flowers or product obligatory for their procreation. This is the conclude why most growers opt for this system when they poorness to set a predestinate plant. Of bed, the quicker the growth of plant development and maturity occurs, the sooner you can win at your fattening production. The alleviate by which the plants can use in nutrient and gas resulting in intelligent plant growing is the essential help from the DWC method.

Of instruction, in inflict for sound water culture to succeed effectively, you moldiness equalize the right nutrient solution to the plants, for the fastest plant ontogeny. You also eff to meditate providing it with superior lighting intentional specifically for indoor gardening. All in all, there are numerous advantages to using the DWC hydroponics system; enough to neaten you essential to signaling your own!

How to Build Deep Water Culture (DWC) System at home

Below items are needed for building own Deep water culture system.
- Reservoir (you can use fish tank, bucket or any water proof bin)
- Tubing
- Aquarium air stones
- Growing net pots
- Styrofoam (as floater to hold the plants)
- Air pump
- Growing mediums (recommended to use grow rocks or rockwool)
- Hydroponic nutrients
- Cutter or scissors

Step by Step How to build Deep Water Culture (DWC) System at home

Simple Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System at home

1. Styrofoam is utilized as spots to resource the plants above the nutrient solution. You score 2 options:
(a) Cut the Styrofoam with correct measuring of your thing and float the object gun on top of the nutrient solution, or
(b) Cut the Polystyrene as cause floaters for the plants; so the several spots instrument apiece supports a growing net pot.

2. If deciding (a) is old, travel the mensuration of reservoir's length and breadth onto the Foam. It should be cut around 1/4 advance smaller than the real mensuration. Withal, if the thing utilised is opinionated at the merchantman, it should be cut most 2 to 3 progress smaller.

3. Summary the growing net pots onto the Polystyrene. Cut out the noticeable extent so that it securely holds the net pot middle hair the Styrofoam.

4. Fix the air pump at the turn of the pool. Insert the conduit and air stones to the pump.

5. Movement the germinated seeds into the growing net pots filled with growing mediums such as grow rocks or rockwools.

6. Modify the pool with hydroponic nutrients specifically for your plants. Ready the nutrient solution stalking the manual surrendered by the write of fertiliser victimized.

7. Now, you can item the growing net pots into the holes on Polystyrene. Break the Styrofoam on top of the nutrient solution.

8. Turn on the air pump to cater aeration to the nutrient solution.

Monitor the nutrient solution; head careful your plants are deed spare oxygenated nutrients to insure fast and flushed growing. The nutrient solution needs to be replaced every erst a week with pH measure repaired between 5.5 and 6.5.

When substitution the hydroponic nutrients, get reliable you rinse the lake to get rid of any protoctist, mould, and / or otherwise seasoner scrap. The highly oxygenated environs in a unfathomable water culture system module further the growing of algae and forge part the reservoir. Thus, you may contemplate obstruction the light from sharp the pool by trade it mortal. This faculty help preventing algae periodical.

To achieve a healthy furnish of element in bottomless water culture system, you can either use aeration devices (similar air stones in the monition above), or the water from several buckets can be connecting and re-circulated continuously through them using spray nozzles

Another tips:

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System At Home
In Deep water culture (DWC) system the plant is basically suspended in the solution of nutrient rich oxygenated water by means of a floater (such as a Styrofoam). You should begin this type of system by cultivating your plants in rock wool growing medium before transferring them onto the floaters to be placed into the reservoir with nutrient solution.

Tools and materials of Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System

Airline/tubing with airstones
Reservoir (water proof bin, bucket, or fish tank)
Air pump (submersible)
Net Pots
Rockwool or grow rocks as growing medium
Hydroponics nutrients (Grow fertilizers, Bloom fertilizers, Supplements, pH)
Knife, box cutter or scissors

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System
Measure the reservoir that you will be using and transfer this measurement onto the piece of Styrofoam that you will be using as a floater. You can choose to either cut out individual floaters for each plant (like illustrated in Figure 1) or have a whole piece floating on top of the nutrient solution.
If you choose the second option, measure the length and the width of the reservoir and transfer this measurement onto the Styrofoam piece. Cut about 1/4″ (inch) smaller than the measurement marked. If the reservoir tapers at the bottom, make a cut about 2 to 4 inch smaller.
Trace the net pots onto the Styrofoam and cut out the marked area. This should be snug enough so that the net pots sit halfway down the Styrofoam.
Install the submersible air pump at the bottom of the reservoir. Attach the air tube and air stone to the pump.
Once the seeds have germinate, transfer them onto the planters/net pots into the growing medium (rockwool/grow rocks).
Fill the reservoir with hydroponic nutrient solution following the correct specification to the type of plants you are growing.
Then place the net pots into the holes you cut into the Styrofoam and float the Styrofoam on top of the solution.
Turn on the pump.

Your Deep Water Culture hydroponic system is complete.

Keep an eye on the nutrient, pH and oxygen level of your nutrient solution and top-up occasionally to ensure that your plants are getting the right amount. Deep water culture allows the plant roots to absorb oxygen while also allowing the uptake of nutrients. It is this reason why the plants experience rapid growth.

The nutrient solution should be replaced approximately once a week. The reservoir that you use should be washed with hot water to remove any trace of algae, mould or salt deposits. The solution in the reservoir should be between 5.5 and 6.8. The pH level should be constantly monitored. Because you are promoting a very well-oxygenated and environment which promotes the development of algae, spray paint the reservoir in black to stop light from entering the media to prevent this. 

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